Salient features

Record daily income and expenditure

You need to record the daily expenses: Food, shopping, children, happy … The income and expenditure book will help you manage this through revenue and expenditure records for each specific item.

Full of statistical reports

You want to get the most overview of your financial situation, revenue, debts, etc. from your daily notes. The reporting system will provide full data, thereby helping you make quick and timely changes.

Tracking loan

You have problems managing loans. Please be assured! Checkbook will help you with this.

Plan your savings

In the future you need to buy something, where to go. Let’s plan our savings together to realize our dream.

Set a spending limit

Control spending, avoid over spending. Give reminders every time you spend over the limit.


See information about an account together

Manage group trips and events
Shopping list
Calculate personal income tax
Export and import excel data, pdf


Without her, it’s not clear where her monthly money will evaporate. From the day he uses it, he finds the motivation to make money and spend more reasonable. Thank the developer very very much!
The one that the goldfish brain has forgotten all the time, now has an intelligent electronic brain that accompanies you all the way to help you record your expenses so as not to lose money, help you calculate carefully. more, just export money or collect money, then open the book and press to record immediately … thank you very much
I have used this application for quite a long time, probably over 2 years and also introduced to quite a few friends to use! The app is quite a utility that helps me track debt, travel expenses, outings as well as details for large items (buying a house, …) Thank you for developing a software Useful for users!
I have been using Misa for 4 years & income and expenditure as a daily routine =)). App easy to use, convenient, no ads, especially revenue and expenditure reports are very detailed. There are also items that help you to calculate your PIT. It will also support Misa, even if there’s a fee to use it.
I have recommended this application for you, it is really useful too. Having milk at home to take care of children has a lot of expenses to spend but sometimes they are busy + goldfish brain after childbirth so I don’t remember what I used to do, … I’ve been using MISA MoneyKeeper for only 3 months now, Very easy to use, … every month I know how much I spend, how much I eat, how much I spend on living, … From there I can balance my expenses more.
After 3 months of using #MISAMoneyKeeper software, you can see your personal expenses. And sometimes also because I was sarcastic, lately I’m more interested in sothuchi than me :)). Every time I leave the shop, the first thing to do is to enter the ledger (which took 20 seconds), because of the forgetfulness, since using App # MISAMoneyKeeper (saved 15 minutes) to think the answer to the question. “Oi what did I spend all the money in my wallet ???”